Job Description for Substitute Teacher


Job Title: Teacher – Substitute

Reports to: Principal or Supervisor

Duty Days: Intermittent

Wage/Hour Status: N/A

Pay Grade: 60+ College Hours- $85.00 - $125 per day

Date Revised: 2017


Primary Purpose:

Act in lieu of the regular classroom teacher and perform the duties as assigned by the Principal/Supervisor.



Teaching certification OR Bachelor’s degree OR Minimum High School/GED plus 60 or more college credit hours

Ability to instruct students and manage their behavior

Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills

Speak, write, read, and comprehend English – Communicate with students, staff and others in English

Punctuality and dependability

Flexibility in the job assignment


Major Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Perform any special duties the classroom teacher may have.
  2. Prevent students from leaving the room unless it is absolutely necessary.
  3. Check the class roll at the time and in the manner designated by the building    principal. Names, dates of absences, and tardies should be listed as instructed.
  4. Let the principal know if a student needs medication. Only authorized district employees may administer medication.
  5. Notify the school office, before leaving campus, of any serious problems experienced during the day.
  6. Assume the same responsibilities as a regular classroom teacher for students, equipment, and other assigned materials.
  7. Follow as closely as practical the lesson plans provided by the teacher and maintain the regular routine of the class.
  8. Leave a summary of work covered in each class and other information pertinent to the teacher.
  9. Maintain a level of discipline in the classroom, which is conducive to good learning.
  10.  Notify a neighboring teacher if assistance is needed from the principal’s office.
  11. Document information on any student(s) who failed to follow classroom rules of conduct and/or failed to complete work assigned.


Equipment Used:

 Computer, FAX, copier, overhead projector, VCR, DVD, interactive white board , digital recorder, other specialized equipment that is particularly unique to the teaching assignment.


Working Conditions:

Physical demands/Environmental factors: May require standing for long periods of time. Frequent stooping, bending, pulling and pushing. Move small stacks of textbooks, media equipment, desks, and other classroom equipment.

Mental demands – ability to communicate effectively (verbal and written); maintain emotional control under stress.



The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required.


West Oso ISD is in compliance with the provisions of Title IX of Public Law 92-318, Education Amendments of 1972, and is an equal opportunity employer.